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Study shatters Barrie's commuter-town myth

Mar 12

BARRIE - Barrie and Simcoe County are not bedrooms for the GTA, a new labour market study reveals.

That's just one of several common myths the study debunks.

Despite what you see on Hwy. 400 each morning, as cars fill the southbound lanes for hours, the reality is more people are coming into our communities to work than leaving.

The report released Tuesday found 33,190 of us leave Simcoe County for work each day. Many travel to Newmarket, Vaughan and Mississauga to high-skilled technical jobs that don't exist locally.

By contrast, 63,745 people come into Simcoe County to work each day, where we have lots of jobs.

"Barrie is not a bedroom community but rather an employment destination," said Stephannie Schlichter, manager of the Greater Barrie Business Enterprise Centre.

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Posted by: Littlewood Properties