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Simcoe County 10-year Affordable Housing Strategy

Nov 23

BARRIE - Simcoe County is taking steps to make affordable housing more accessible after a consultation group was hired to collect data about the growing concern.

Barrie residents arrived Tuesday afternoon at Barrie’s City Hall Rotunda, where OrgCode Consulting representatives presented information regarding a 10-year affordable-housing strategy for the county.

OrgCode president and CEO Iain De Jong presented data based on individual income versus increasing rent costs and resulting homeless issues.

“We need to have a range of housing options,” he said. “The strategy is going to have to look at different needs throughout the county. It’s certainly not going to be one size fits all.

“The message would be premature to say exactly what’s in the report, but certainly there are indicators that the affordability gap has been increasing.”


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 Posted by: Littlewood Properties