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Orillia a Top-10 Investment City

Feb 25

ORILLIA - The City of Orillia can hold its own.

For the first time, the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) — a Western Canada- based research organization — has given Orillia a standalone score in its rankings of top investment cities in Ontario.

The Sunshine City has scored seventh in the annual REIN Top Ontario Investment Towns 2013 to 2018 report.

“This ... says even though we’re being examined on our own, we’re still in the top 10 in Ontario, that we’ve got strengths on our own,” Dan Landry, the city’s manger of economic development, said Friday. “It’s good for us because who knew in the past whether it was our positive strengths dragging Barrie along or vice versa?”

Barrie was given fourth place in the 2013 rankings.


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Posted by: Littlewood Properties