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Infrastructure key to 2015 Barrie budget

Mar 10

BARRIE - This year's city budget is all about building up Barrie.

City council gave final approval Monday to an operating/capital budget which increases property taxes by 3.2% for homeowners. But of that total, 1% is for repairing and building infrastructure - the roads, pipes and equipment so vital to a growing municipality.

Coun. Michael Prowse, chairman of the finance and corporate services committee, said taxpayers won't see many new parks and buildings for the extra money.

"This isn't a bright and shiny budget, it is one you have to go do," he said. "It won't happen overnight."

"It is a workmanlike budget," said Mayor Jeff Lehman. "This is the first budget I can remember in a long time that there is no new building or a major change to a building.

"You won't be able to walk into this. It's the stuff that's underground and on the roads."

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Posted by: Littlewood Properties