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Barrie's $25-million Lakeshore Drive plan switching into high gear

Jan 9

BARRIE - Long-planned and long anticipated, the $25.7-million relocation of Barrie's Lakeshore Drive back to the old CN Rail line is making real headway this year.

This will not only create an additional 10 acres of parkland along the waterfront, but add separate walking and riding paths, along with expanded parking.

Traffic is scheduled to be transferred to the new, realigned Lakeshore Drive by late summer, 2015.

"My view is that the project will dramatically improve our waterfront, with features such as the new splash pad, separate bike paths, and much larger green areas," said Mayor Jeff Lehman. "But it's important to remember that there are two basic functional reasons why most of this work is occurring, independent of the desire to expand the waterfront park - and that is, flooding (see sidebar), and good old fashioned road repair."

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Posted by: Littlewood Properties