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Barrie Gains 1,200 Jobs in One Month

Dec 7

BARRIE - Barrie gained 1,200 jobs in one month.

The good news out of November’s Labour Force Survey from Statistics Canada indicates that not only did a whole bunch of Barrie’s unemployed gain full-time employment, but unemployment rates have been steadily falling for the past year.

“One hopes it’s a broader trend,” said Mayor Jeff Lehman. “It seems to be bringing us to a much better place than where we were last year.”

Lehman said he knows some of the job growth at this time of year can be seen as seasonal, with hotels, ski resorts and retailers increasing employment before the holidays.

“To that extent, it could be a seasonal blip. We’d have to see three or four or even five months of data to know if it was a seasonal thing,” he said.

However, he did note that with Georgian College’s expansion, Maclean Engineering hiring 100 people and Jebco Industries increasing its staff levels, full-time employment has not passed Barrie by.

“We’re below the provincial (unemployment) average, that’s the first time in a couple of years,” he said.


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Posted by: Littlewood Properties